When the services are proffered over the network, which has got public accessibility they are known as Public Cloud. These Public Cloud services are mostly free of cost. Technically, there is not much difference between the architecture of private and public cloud, but they may be distinguished based on the security ground, as there may be difference according to the services rendered by the service provider. These networks are openly available to public for use and thus the communication under the network is affected by the non-trusted network.

Mostly, the public cloud service providers have their operational pivot situated at their own defined data centre and they have an access to it through internet. Microsoft and AWS are one amongst those offering direct connection named as Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct connect this type of connections decree the person to lease or purchase a private connection at the peering point that is defined by the cloud provider.

The other notable benefits of acquiring public cloud for the system are:

  • Workload Scaling: It is one of the elucidated ways in which data centre can benefit by extending it to the cloud. There may happen to be a situation where organisation needs to handle data that is supplemental to what the data centre can handle. In such cases, if the company has application that is web-based, they have a chance to accommodate this seasonal demand with the help of cloud based web server.

  • Business Continuity: Another paramount feature of the cloud is it protects the business at the time of system failures. Public cloud can also be used for the purpose of VM replication to assure the continuity of the business.

It is a boon if handled with care, but to keep the pace with the software it is necessary to have expertise over the same. At LAISAI technologies we ascertain that your business do not suffer due to the risk associated with Public cloud. The flow of data and information is maintained by our team of professionals and we make sure none of the confidential information find its way out of organisation.

The services that we render in regards to public cloud are:

  • We control the multi tenant environment offered by public cloud. As the network is open and accessible to all we assure the safety of the information for our clients.

  • As the cost of installation of the public cloud is most unpredictable, we make sure that our clients get an estimation of the same and we also endeavour to reduce the cost to exceptionally low level.

  • Public cloud can complicate the backup process for you. With are esteemed cloud management services we make sure that backup of the data is maintained for our clients to save them from future hassle.