These networks are the social structure, which are made up of set of actors like organisations and individuals, set of dyadic ties and other form of social interaction between actors. The social network perspective grants a series of methods that can be used to analyse the structure of the social entities and variety of other theories, which can explain the pattern observed in the structure. The study to these structures implies social network analysis in order to identify global and local patterns, local entities which are influential and finally examine the network dynamics.

The networks and their analysis is inherently interdisciplinary academic field that has got the existence through sociology, social psychology, graph theory and statistics. The social networks are emergent, self organised and complex. The networks become more appealing with the increase of network size.

Computer networks when are combined with social networking software are able to produce a new means of social interaction. A relationship over the computerized social networking services can be classified by direction, context and strength. In the computer mediated communication context the social pairs exchange different kinds of data, files and information and even the computer programs. As the electronic commerce is seeing new heights networking is also used to transmit goods, money or services in real world.

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