Mobile backend has been defined to be backend as a service, which is meant to provide mobile app and web app developers a mode to link the applications to APIs and backend cloud storage. These storages are exposed by backend applications and provide features like push notification, user management and integration with the social networking services. The services are delivered using software development kits and application programme interfaces. BaaS is another recent development is terms of cloud computing. The trends indicate that the services are achieving mainstream traction with the corporate customers.

Mobile and web applications are in need of similar set of features while at backend, which includes push notification, cloud storage and interaction with social networks. Each of the features has their defined APIs that are required to incorporate individually into the applications. Although when compared to other developers tools in regards to cloud computing like Infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service BaaS is different from them, as they specifically attend to the needs of web and mobile app in terms of cloud computing and thus provide them unified means to connect the applications with cloud services.

Mobile backend due to its features has become popular as service in the industry and thus is brining a lot of advantages to the business as well. The benefits that mobile backend services offer are:

  • The help is cutting down the development cost by abstracting the server side infrastructure and thus eliminate the need of the skills like understanding the native data model. This helps the development team to reduce costs and run leaner.

  • Without the use of mobile backend services the developers have to incorporate individual services into the mobile app they design. The BaaS provide the way to unify SDK and API to be used in the application and thus allow the delivery of the app into the market on faster.

  • These BaaS platform supports the developers to provide mobile apps with the access to real time data.