IOT or internet of things is the internetworking of the vehicles, physical devices, buildings and other related items embedded with software, electronics, sensors, network connectivity and actuators that allow these objects to collect the data for exchange. In simple terms IoT is a global infrastructure for the information society, which enables advanced services by the means of interconnecting the things based on evolving and existing interoperable communication and information technologies.

Internet of Things allows the objects to be sensed and thus controlled remotely all across the present network infrastructure. This helps in creating opportunities for direct integration of computer system with the physical world and thus increases the efficiency level, accuracy and economic benefits through the system. When Iot is linked with actuators and sensors it become a part of a generalised class of cyber physical system that also indulges technologies like virtual power plant, smart grids, intelligent transportation, smart homes and smart cities.

IoT is expected to offer smart connectivity of the devices like biochip transponders on farm animals, heart monitoring implants, automobiles with build in sensors, electric clams in costal water, DNA analysis devices for environmental monitoring or field devices that can help the fire fighters in rescue and search operation. The system collects important data with the help of existing technologies and then flow the data between devices autonomously.

At LAISAI technologies we understand the importance of the usage of IoT in your system and thus offer number of required services in regards to the same.

  • Helps our clients in installing and managing the system and thus keep the pace with working of the system.

  • We provide the necessary consultancy and training services to our client after the installation of the system.

  • We helps in management in understanding analyse done by the system to take informed decisions.

  • Support environmental monitoring to choose best market and customer base of the product.

  • Helps with the decisions in regards to manufacturing of the product by studying it demand with the help of system.

  • Our services are spread into different industries including manufacturing, production, medical, real estate etc.