The gaming applications are designed to be played on the smart phones, tablets and smart watches. These games are downloaded from app stores and other mobile operator portals. MAny a time these games come preloaded, provided by the OEM or mobile operators.

The gaming applications are being developed and run on huge variety of technologies and platform. These includes Symbian, Palm OS, NTT DoCoMo’s DoJa, Adobe flash lite, WIPI, Qualcomm’s Brew , Nook, Blackberry and window mobiles. The most popular and widely used platform on the date is Google Android and Apple’s IOS. The mobile version offered by Microsoft window is also being actively supported.

Unity is the mostly extensively used engine, which is used by modern games due to its ease of porting between extensive developer community and mobile operating system. Mostly the mobile games work upon the following monetisation models: subscription, pay-per download, advertisement supported and free to play. People are earning by presenting their gaming application on the mobile platform from these smart ways. The new models that have emerged into the market are collectively known as Freemium. The games are accessible for free and people are generating revenue after download with the help of advertisement or app transactions.

With the increasing demands for these gaming apps, the industry has found a vast stand into the market and created huge competition.

The market for these gaming apps is becoming innovative and thus the competition is limitless. Each day number of application become the part of the store and takes away the attention from the old and less friendly apps. The developers are playing smart and companies are investing in the industry to retain astronomical figures of profit.

LAISAI technologies know how important is the application for the client and thus provides them with the most friendly and innovative application, which can see colossal number of downloads ever since its is introduced into the market.

  • We offer user friendly gaming applications, which can be played and accessed by any kind of smart phone user.

  • The animations used in the games are of supreme quality, thus can keep the customer engaged while playing the game.

  • We build the games as per client specifications and thus avoid all sorts of loopholes in the system.

  • We also advise our clients with the ways to promote the gaming app into the market and thus create wide customer base.

  • All kind gaming apps included location based mobile games, augmented reality games, multipurpose games and multi player games are developed at our centre.