In computing language Enterprise data warehouse is known as Data warehouse. It is a system designed to meet data analysis and reporting requirement and is defined to be a core component of Business Intelligence. Data warehouse are known to be the central repositories of the data integrated at a single point, collected from disparate sources. This software are used for storing historical and current data at single place, which are they used for generating analytical reports for the purpose of knowledge in an organisation.

The data that becomes the part of the warehouse is extracted from Operational System. The data may come through operational data store and thus may requiring cleansing in order to ensure the quality of data before it is put into Data warehouse, for reporting purposes.

The typical transform, extract, load based data warehouse may demand data integration, staging and access layers to work upon its key functions. The staging database or layer accumulates the raw data at single point, which is extracted from numerous disparate data systems. These integrated databases are then processed and moved to another database known commonly as data warehouse database. Where at this point of time data are arranged as per hierarchy and portrayed as aggregated facts or facts.

Data Warehouse software is versioned to create competitive advantages by the means of harnessing the hidden intelligence. This helps to foster foresight, gives strategic direction and enables strong and worthy predictions, in order to achieve business agility. The importances of the software are listed as:

  • Allows better decision making in organisation: Data warehouse is the gigantic store house for credible statistics and facts, which gives the decision maker the ground to analyse the situation in depth and make strategies to progress in terms of market, sales, inventory and financial needs.

  • Grant an easy access to data: Speedy decisions, which are well informed, are the factors that set your standard and keep you moving ahead. Business user have easy accessibility to the data kept in warehouse and thus can make quick decisions.

  • Data Consistency and Quality: Since the data in the warehouse comes from numerous sources and is then processed into single and wide format, department can rely on the software to generate results that are in coordination with each other. As the data is standardised, accuracy can be assured for the purpose of decision making.

At LAISAI technologies we know how important is time for you and thus we understand the significance data warehouse as a part of your IT infrastructure. The services that we render include:

  • We assure cost effective and quick implementation of software into the system, as per industrial guidelines for frameworks, estimations and implementations.

  • We construct and design comprehensive data model that can support the host of custom information portage needs.

  • We help the management in designing and implementing flexible and efficient strategies that are capable to meeting demands from present and future.

  • We also help improvising storage capabilities of the system.

  • We support victorious migration and transformation as well