BI technology is capable of handling gigantic amount of structured and unstructured data in order to develop, identify and create strategies to achieve business goals and create opportunities. It allows simplification of complex data. The fundamental aim of the technology is to identify new opportunities and implement smart strategies that are based on the insights, which provides businesses with long term stability and competitive market advantages.

The technology can be widely assumed to be used by the business to make informed decisions ranging from strategic to operational. Basic operating decisions are inclusive of product pricing and positioning. BI is at its best when it combines the data that it had derived from the market for the company with the data from internal sources operating in the company. The BI tool empower the organisation to have an insight into the market, judge the level of demand and the risk related to the product and thus gauge the results of the marketing efforts.

Business Intelligence is software being one of the most competitive software being adopted by the business for better outcome. A few of the benefits drawn out of the software are:

  • Helps in measuring performance: It helps in creating the hierarchy of the performance metrics and benchmarking which helps the business leaders to be informed about the progress made by the business.

  • Analytics: BI allows the management to build quantitative processes in order to arrive at optimal decision that helps the business to explore and expand. Analytics usually involves process mining, data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analytics, data linage, business process modelling, prescriptive analytics and complex even processing.

  • Reporting: There are programs that are supported by BI that helps in building strategies for the business and mostly involves executive information system, OLAP and data visualization.

  • Collaboration: These are the programs that compile together different areas of work by the means of electronic data interchange and data sharing.

  • Knowledge Management: The program helps the company to formulate strategies based on data to identify, represent, create, enable and distribute experiences which are authentic business knowledge.

LAISAI Technology knows the importance of BI for the organisation and is dedicated to provide support in regards to maintenance and assistance related to the system.

  • We support our clients in adopting the changes in relation to software.

  • We ensuring that the data collected are accurate and fulfil the needs of the situation.

  • We assure the security of data and information used in the software.

  • Training programs to build a user friendly atmosphere are also conducted by us.