Mixed reality is also referred to as hybrid reality, is the way of merging the virtual and real world to produce an environment and create visualization where digital and physical objects exits together and thus interacts in real time. Mixed reality is not only supposed to take place in virtual and physical world but is also a blend of reality and virtual reality, which encompasses both augmented virtuality and augmented reality.

Augmented Virtuality is categorized under mixed reality, which is meant to refer to merging of virtual world into real world. As per the intermediate case of virtuality continuum, AV is referred to the virtual space where the physical elements, people or object are combined together to interact with the virtual world while in real time. This supreme sort of integration is achieved with the help of various techniques. Video from physical spaces or 3-dimentional digitalization of the objects in physical form are used to generate reality in the virtual world.

The usage of real world sensor information, which helps to control the virtual environment is another form of AV. In this case external input provides existence to virtual view. MR was mostly a part of entertainment and art industry, till the time it found its existence and branched itself into manufacturing, business and education industry by the help of systems like IPCM, SBL, military training and RAVE.

These artificial realities are capturing a huge market and thus pay tremendous to the developers and the sponsors for the applications related to the same. The importance of the software that has made the screen capture the market is:

  • Mixed reality had been very supportive in expanding the gaming experience on the applications that are being downloaded on phones, tablets and desktops.

  • It has enhanced the experience in regards to education as well. On the educational website the virtual reality creates engaging slides, which become more exciting and explanatory for the students to learn from.

  • The business presentations have reached their undefined heights by putting the Mixed and virtual reality to action and thus have made them to be interactive and meaningful.

  • The gaming apps are more involving and thus are bringing more business and monetary benefits to the developers and promoters.