Artificial intelligence is a form of intelligence which is exhibited by the machines. The field related to AI is defined as intelligent agents that are any device that is adoptive to the environment and thus takes action which can maximise the chance of success at the same level of goal. In simple terms artificial intelligence is applied in the situations where machine needs to mimic cognitive functions, which the human brain associate with other human brain for the purposes like problem solving and learning.

The AI research is classified into number of subfields which especially focuses on approaches, problems, satisfaction of particular application or using particular tools. The overall goal with which the system has been designed is to create technology which can allow machines and computers to function intelligently. The problem relating to stimulation had been divided into number of sub problems, which are inclusive of certain capabilities and traits that the researchers expect the system to display.
Artificial intelligence works on following important traits, which includes reasoning and problem solving, Knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, manipulation and motion, social intelligence, creativity and general intelligence.

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