The work conducted by advanced workload is to collect the database statistics and then this data is maintained for certain amount of time and then purged. One is allowed to run the reports against the statistics in order to tune the database for better performance. Other features like database advisors and ADDM applies the statistics to analyse and monitor the database to attend to the performance issues.

The statistics collection through the software is automatic and the data is then stored into database. In order to collect the statistics one needs to set the parameter. The software is able to retain the data for eight days. The upgraded database will follow the AWR retention value that had been set previously set for them.

The AWR is also used for detecting the problems and analysing them for the purpose of self-tuning. There are number of other statistics that are collected with the help of AWR, which includes time model statistics, wait events, various session and system level statistics, active session history statistics, object usage statistics and also the information on the resource intensive SQL statements.

Due to increasing needs to analyses and risk of privacy and data losses AWR is becoming a popular feature that is being used by Oracle as a part of their software system.

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